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    Narcoleptics Screencaps

  • Episode 201: Sadie, Sadie
  • Episode 202: Hammers and Veils
  • Episode 203: Red Light On The Wedding Night
  • Episode 206: Presenting Lorelai Gilmore
  • Episode 208: The Inns and Outs of Inns
  • Episode 209: Run Away Little Boy
  • Episode 210: The Bracebridge Dinner
  • Episode 211: Secrets and Loans
  • Episode 212: Richard In Stars Hollow
  • Episode 213: A Tisket, A Tasket
  • Episode 215: Lost and Found
  • Episode 216: There's The Rub
  • Episode 218: Back in the Saddle Again
  • Episode 220: Help Wanted
  • Episode 221: Lorelai's Graduation Day
  • Episode 222: I Can't Get Started

    Trory Screencaps

  • Episode 209: Run Away Little Boy

    Dean/Tristan Screencaps

  • Episode 209: Run Away Little Boy